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The Cold Storage Fire at the Columbian Exposition 

May people are unaware of the horrible fire that claimed the most number of Chicago Firefighters in the 19th Century and it happened at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition on July 10th.  Many people are also unaware of the unknown victim buried under the memorial at Oakwoods Cemetery!


A Hanging in the Chicago Water Tower?

There are claims that the Chicago Water Tower is haunted due to a worker who hanged himself during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871!  Is it true and could there be other reasons why it may be haunted?


The Unsolved Murder of Chicago's Grimes Sisters

Barbara and Patricia Grimes were murdered shortly after going to the Brighton Theater in Chicago on December 28, 1956.  Their bodies were discovered along German Church Road in unincorporated Burr Ridge on January 22, 1957.  The case is still unsolved but many agree that it still can be.






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